Terms of Service

Terms of Service




HiveHubAI provides advanced analytics and personalized AI insights to enhance social media strategies for various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Access and use of the services offered by HiveHubAI are subject to these general terms and conditions of use and imply the users’ express, prior, full acceptance thereof and of the privacy policy of HiveHubAI.

HiveHubAI recommends that users retain a printed or digital copy of these terms for their records.

Article 1: Definitions

  • “Application”: Refers to the HiveHubAI application and platform from which users may access and use the services.
  • “General Terms and Conditions of Use”: Refers to this document.
  • “Account”: Refers to the user’s account allowing access to HiveHubAI services.
  • “HiveHubAI”: Refers to our company, which offers these services.
  • “Services”: Refers to the analytics and AI insights provided through the HiveHubAI platform.
  • “User”: Refers to any individual or entity that registers and uses our services.

Article 2: Object

These General Terms and Conditions of Use aim to define the terms under which users access and use the services provided by HiveHubAI.

Article 3: Application/Amendments of the General Terms and Conditions of Use

3.1 HiveHubAI reserves the right to amend these terms at any time to accommodate legal, functional, or technical developments. The applicable version is the one online at the time of use.

3.2 Users will be informed of significant changes. Continued use after such changes implies acceptance.

3.3 Disagreement with amendments should lead users to cease using the services, subject to the provisions of Article 14.

Article 4: Purpose of the Services

HiveHubAI services provide users with tools to analyze and enhance their social media presence across multiple platforms using data-driven insights and AI technology.

Article 5: Prerequisites for Using the Services

  • 5.1 Users must have internet access and an Account to use the services.
  • 5.2 Users affirm their legal and mental capacity to enter into this agreement, including being of legal age and not using the services for fraudulent purposes or in a manner that harms HiveHubAI.

Article 6: Creation of an Account

6.1 Accounts must be registered according to these general terms and conditions of use.

6.2 Users must provide accurate and complete information upon registration and are responsible for the confidentiality of their login information.

6.3 Misuse or unauthorized use of an account must be reported immediately to HiveHubAI.

Article 7: Terms and Conditions of Use of the Services

Users must comply with all applicable laws and these terms when using HiveHubAI services. This includes not sharing sensitive content, respecting copyright laws, and maintaining the security of their account information.

Article 8: Duration of Access to the Services

Services are accessible until the user either requests deletion of their account or disconnect all connected social platform logins via the social platform directly.

Article 9: Interruption of the Services

HiveHubAI may interrupt services for maintenance or updates and will strive to minimize disruption but cannot guarantee uninterrupted service availability.

Article 10: General Commitments of Users

Users commit to using the services responsibly and legally, respecting the intellectual property of HiveHubAI and third parties, and not engaging in actions that could harm HiveHubAI or other users.

Article 11: Responsibility of Users

Users are responsible for their use of the services and for any consequences that may arise from that use, including interactions with third parties through the platform.

Article 12: Responsibility of HiveHubAI

HiveHubAI is not liable for damages that may arise from users' misuse of the services, technical issues beyond our control, or unauthorized access to users' accounts.

Article 13: Personal Data

User data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy and relevant data protection legislation. Users have rights concerning their personal data, as detailed in our privacy policy.

Article 14: Term and Termination

These terms are valid indefinitely until terminated by the user or HiveHubAI according to the provisions here.

Article 15: Account Deactivation and Deletion

Users may deactivate or delete their accounts at any time. Deactivation or deletion must be executed through the user’s account settings or by contacting HiveHubAI.

Article 16: Intellectual Property

All content and software associated with our services are the property of HiveHubAI and are protected by copyright laws. Users are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the services within the scope of these terms.

Article 17: Miscellaneous

These terms constitute the entire agreement between HiveHubAI and the user regarding the use of the services.

Article 18: Applicable Law

These terms are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which HiveHubAI is based, and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in that location.