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HiveHubAI is all about helping you cultivate a thriving social media presence. What started as a dream to simplify social analytics has blossomed into a powerful platform, empowering users to achieve their social growth goals.

Our suite of tools is designed to make your social media strategy as sweet as honey, from detailed analytics to AI-powered insights. Join us, and let’s turn your social media buzz into a roar!

HiveHubAI Origin Story

HiveHubAI was born out of a shared passion and necessity. Founded by Liam and Sarah, who combined their love for travel and social media, HiveHubAI started as a solution to a common problem faced by aspiring influencers and brands: the lack of #affordable and #helpful social analytics tools.

In 2023, we moved to Vietnam to embrace one of our greatest passions—travel 🌎. We had the idea of starting a social media profile to share our adventures, hoping it might fund future travels (As I'm sure all travelers have at some point in their journey 😂). We chose Instagram as our platform and set a goal: post one reel a day for six months to see where it would take us 🤞.

Gaining traction was tough at first, but soon we noticed certain trends and themes that resonated with our audience 🤔. Reels showcasing the cultural differences between our hometowns and Vietnam, especially our light-hearted motorbike haul series 🏍️, started to stand out. Despite still being a new account, our reels consistently hit 200k+ views and garnered thousands of engagements 🤯.

By this point, we were still using Instagram's built-in analytics, which are awful! 😡 They don't even provide the most important metric, engagement rate. We looked for more in-depth social analytics platforms, but they were either far too expensive or failed to offer useful insights 🙄. That's when we decided to create HiveHubAI as a passion project, aiming to truly understand and learn from our analytics in a meaningful way, beyond just showing pretty graphs 💡.

Today, HiveHubAI is proud to offer comprehensive analytics and insights completely free for everyone, with an AI-powered social assistant just around the corner. We get a buzz 🐝 from helping you grow your hive, and we’re just getting started. Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s transform your social media strategy together 🫴.

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