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Stay ahead by understanding what content resonates most with your audience.

  • Enhance your strategy with detailed analytics for posts, reels, stories, hashtags, and profile performance
  • Visualize what works and optimize your content plan with data-driven insights.
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Our Early Access Timeline

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June 2024
Early Access Release πŸŽ‰

Starting with Instagram we will launch core analytics monitoring. Fetching updated figures every 24 hours allowing us to calculate key metrics such as followers growth, engagement rates as well as detailed engagement breakdown per post.

Start to identify what type of content you share gets the most engagement and followers.

Advanced Analytics

Continuing with Instagram we will deepen our analytics providing in-depth breakdowns for posts, reels, stories, hashtags and even profile analytics.

Visualize the effects of your content strategy by clearly highlighting what's working well and what to avoid going forward.

Identify which hashtags are working well & which to avoid, the optimal posting schedule for your audience, the impact of bio changes, and much more "deeper" analytics.

AI-Powered Insights πŸ€–

Using the in-depth analytis we will train a custom AI model from your content. This will allow us to provide highly personalised actionable insights that will actually help you grow.

Your own custom AI model will fully understand your content, audience and goals to provide relevant tips and insights. None of the generic "you need to post more" or "create more shareable content" recommendations you see on basic platforms.

Take your social growth to the next level with your own personal AI social growth expert.

Early access members will receive this update for free.

Future users will have to purchase this as a paid upgrade since AI costs money to train.

Facebook Integration

With the successful launch of our in-depth analytics, monitoring and personalised AI-powered insights for Instagram we will begin to start integrating more social platforms.

Facebook will be the second supported platform as both social networks use the Meta APIs for fetching data. This will allow us to build the Facebook integration faster than other social networks.

Power up your Facebook profile with detailed analytics as well as your own custom AI model to help you grow.

Expand Social Networks πŸš€

After the successful release of Instagram & Facebook analytics with AI-powered insights we will start to integrate more social networks into our platform.

The order in which we integrate these social networks will be based on existing user feedback to ensure our early supporters receive the most benefits.

A poll will be provided to all existing users ranking the following social networks from top priotity, to lowest priority in order to decide our next integration: X (Twitter), YouTube, TikTok or LinkedIn.

More to come..

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